The LA Dodgers are the first Major League Baseball team to incorporate Whole Body Cryotherapy into their rehabilitation protocols.  Their athletic trainers are using cryotherapy to reduce the injury healing time and to keep players fresh over the 162-game regular season and into the playoffs. 


The results have been outstanding as Dodger players have returned faster from the disabled list, and the team launched into the playoffs as the NL West leader.  This team is very energized as they continue to march towards the World Series.


The Dodger players take cryotreatments after batting and field practice, right before game time.  The supercold air only penetrates about 1 millimeter into the skin surface, so muscles and tendons are not frozen.   The players feel loose, light, and focused as lactic acid and inflammation is flushed from their muscles.


Stay tuned as the Dodgers and their cryosauna move through the 2013 postseason playoffs.   Perhaps they will win it all, just like the 2011 NBA Dallas Mavericks, by recovering with cryotherapy.