Our trained staff will meet with you to discuss your goals, answer your questions, and make sure that you are completely comfortable.  The cryotherapy treatment will be explained to you before beginning your session.

You will compete and sign the waiver which confirms whether there are pre-existing conditions that would preclude you from using cryotherapy.  All persons need to wear dry socks which we supply.  Men need to wear cotton briefs or boxers.  Women can wear cotton underwear but it is not necessary.  Any jewelry will also need to be removed.

Once you are in your protective clothing, you will enter the cryosauna and begin your session.  Your privacy is very important to us and only your head is visible throughout the entire process.  Before you know it, you will be feeling the invigorating and healing effects of the cryotherapy and the entire 3 minute session will be completed.

After the session ends, the cryosauna will automatically lower the adjustable height platform to floor-step level and you can then exit the chamber.  You will feel aches and pains dissolve as your body quickly returns to normal temperature.   The refreshing and energizing feeling from the brain released endorphins can last up to 8 hours and most people experience a sound night’s sleep.  Continued regular treatment can alleviate symptoms from chronic pain,  injuries and medical conditions.


Disclaimer:  Whole Body Cryotherapy is an effective treatment for athletic recovery, pain management, inflammation reduction and skin improvement.   Numerous peer-reviewed studies have confirmed the benefits of whole body cryotherapy.   It is not a medical procedure, and all clients of Polar Cryotherapy should first check with their medical professionals to confirm whether whole body cryotherapy is appropriate for their health.